International Data Science Conference

June 12th - 13th 2017 | Salzburg, Austria


Advances in technology and changes in the business and social environment have led to an increasing flood of data, fueling both the need and the desire to generate value from these assets. The emerging field of Data Science is poised to deliver theoretical and practical solutions to the pressing issues of data-driven applications.

The 1st International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2017) organized by Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Information Technology and Systems Management) in cooperation with Information Professionals GmbH seeks to establish a key Data Science event, providing a forum for an international exchange on Data Science technologies and applications.

This is a venue where participants can engage actively with a broad community of researchers and industry practitioners as well as other practitioners. The conference is unique in bringing these groups together.

The iDSC 2017 is the meeting place for researchers, business managers, and data scientists to discover novel approaches and to share solutions to the challenges of a data-driven world.

Our program is currently under development. We expect it to be an exciting and informative platform for insights and exchange. Besides the two parallel tracks, the Research Track and the Industry Track, on the second day a Symposium is taking place presenting the outcomes of a European Project on Text and Data Mining (TDM). These events are open to all participants. We will also offer workshops on tools and solutions. Please read more about our program concept...

We proudly announce the FutureTDM Symposium to be included in the iDSC 2017!

The use of content mining is significantly lower in Europe than in some American and Asian countries. FutureTDM actively engages with stakeholders such as researchers, developers, publishers and SMEs and looks in depth at the TDM landscape in the EU to help pinpoint why uptake is lower, to raise awareness of TDM and to develop solutions.

The venue of the International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2017) is a great fit for FutureTDM Symposium to be held at, in order to actively engage with a community of researchers and practitioners and to hear their views. Having heard a range of views from different sectors involved in TDM, FutureTDM is now at the exciting stage of setting out practitioner guidelines and roadmaps to help targeted groups in the TDM field.

We will introduce you FutureTDM’s overarching policy recommendations and sector specific guidelines to help stakeholders overcome the barriers we’ve identified. We hope to hear about TDM experiences on the ground at the IDSC 2017. Your input will feed into our upcoming project outcomes – Roadmap for increasing uptake of TDM. We will also reveal more about the project’s tools and services, practical tutorials, demos, online help and how to guides to increase TDM uptake

Our Agenda will be made available online soon. Please visit our FutureTDM platform, to learn more about our initiatives, what we have done till now and what is in our scope. Your opinions matter to us and your feedback will be fed into our project.

The symposium will take place on the 13th of June, the second day of the iDSC conference. We are looking forward to meet you there and hear about your TDM experiences.  


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